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Nippon medical center P Ltd , is holy medical center situated its own multi-storied building-Sherchan plaza balaju, 16 Kathmandu , Nepal which was established in 2010 A.D. and legalized medical centre with its Govt.Regd no: 69847/066/067 which is primarily run and managed by bishow sherchan who is fully experienced in this arena as he has been accumulating health related knowledge nationally and internationally for more than twenty years.

Nippon is a pioneer government approved medical center P. Ltd. which is authorized to conduct medical tests of emigrant workers,students for foreign employment and study purpose under foreign employment act 2010

If conducts the humanitarian actives to address the agonies of the agonized people. We have lunched the different packages of health like : preventive, curative, and promotional health services, sanitation campaigns, nutrition program ,safe motherhood etc. And also have imparted the knowledge about STD and about its preventive methods for the longevity of the life of the people . it provides guidance and counseling to the people who want to go for abroad study and work.


Chest X-Ray

X-ray is the most commonly performed diagnostic x-ray examination. A chest x-ray produces images of the heart, lungs, airways, blood vessels and the bones of the spine and chest.Pulmonary TB can be diagnosed by Chest x-ray P/A view.

Blood Test

(a)CBC   (e)HBsAg      (i)Malaria test.
(b)RBS   (f)Anti-HCV
(c)RFT   (g)HIV-I &II

Urine Test

Urine RME, Urine C/S, Urine for Ketone bodies, Urine for AFB, Urine for Canabis.


This is done to detect various types of heart disease and early identification of pathological conditions of heart.


Vaccination is the administration of a vaccine to help the immune system develop protection from a disease. Vaccines contain a microorganism or virus in a weakened or killed state, or proteins from the organism.
Inflenza vaccine,Rabies vaccine,Pneumococcal vaccine,Rota vaccine,Hepatitis B vaccine

OPD & Councelling

Those having various health problems are treated and councelled about the course,prognosis and consequences of disease by skilled Doctor.

Message from Managing Director

Hearty salutation to all:

Hearty salutation to the embassies of different countries consultancies as well as man power agencies on behalf of Nippon medical centre Pvt .Ltd.
The tendency of going abroad to the developed countries of the world like JAPAN, CANADA , USA,UK, New Zeeland for getting higher education and also the tendency of going gulf countries and Malaysia for employment is in rapid growth by the skilled as well as semi skilled and unskilled people of the least developed countries like Nepal as well as by the people of south Asian countries as present context. In this situation there is a high probability to take the fatal communicable disease like; tuberculosis, malaria, jaundice, HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis etc with them in course of going them from one countries to another to diagnoses the above mentioned disease, Nippon Medical is established in its own building with well management. It has been providing medical health check up and early diagnosis of such fatal disease by the availed advance technologies as skilled manpower for their effective prevention.

Rashmi Gauchan Sherchan

Translation in Japanese Language



在ネパール日本大使の皆様に、当社Nippon Medical Center Pvt.Ltd.,Sherchan Plaza Kathmandu(株式会社ニッポン総合診療所)のご案内とご利用のお願いを申し上げたくご連絡させて頂きます。




また当社の設立者(株主)の一人Rashmi Gauchan夫人は日本との関わりが深く、文化交流を行った際、東京で日本語を学んでおります。Rashmi夫人が日本渡航申請者の皆さんに日本滞在に役立つ病気や医療に関する知識や簡単な日本語会話も教えられることは皆様に役立つと信じております。


代表者 Rashmi Gauchan
Tel: +977-1-4358923