Medical Applicants

Brief orientation


  • Please bring your passport (original)
  • Three PP size photographs
  • Vaccination record, if available
  • If you suffer or have suffered from any chronic condition or undergone major medical or surgical treatment, please bring medical records or hospital reports. Insufficient information may lead to delays and additional testing.
  •  Glasses (If worn).
  • Please bring a previous chest X-ray if available. 


Eating and Drinking

  • Please drink plenty of water to enable the easier collection of urine samples.
  • You can have your regular medication and also eat breakfast/meal before coming to NMC.
  • Please abstain from drinking alcohol on the day before the examination.
  • For medical examination, you do not have to be an empty stomach.

 Wearing clothes and lenses

  • For your medical examination, you will be asked to remove your clothes (including jewelry) and wear a gown.
  • We advise you to come in comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put on.
  • If you use glasses or contact lenses, please wear them when you come for medical examination to NMC.

Your health conditions 

  • Please do not conceal medical conditions. The majority of medical conditions are admissible though some may require additional tests.
  • Females are advised to avoid health assessment during menstruation time as it will affect the results of the urine test.
  • Pregnant applicants have the option to undergo a chest x-ray with protective gear (double lead shield covering of the abdomen) or can defer medical exam until post-delivery. The applicant has to check with their gynecologist before coming for the medicals regarding the above.
  • Postpone or re-schedule your appointment if you are or your child is ill with a high fever or rash. You may call us to inform about your situation to seek another appointment.


Facility and Arrival 

  • To make your waiting time more comfortable, we provide Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, and tea at NMC premises.
  • Due to limited parking space, we encourage clients to come by public transportation or arrange someone who could drop and pick you.
  •  we recommend not to bring many family members or relatives along with you to NMC, who are not taking health assessment on that day. Please note that clients are responsible to take care of their own belongings and NMC will not be held responsible for any loss of the client’s property. We advise you not to carry valuables except only essential items.  
  • We request you to arrive at NMC at least 20 minutes before your appointment on the day of the examination. If you cannot come for some reason as per the appointment schedule, kindly let us know by calling the office as soon as you can, so that we can adjust your next appointment and give your scheduled time to someone else on the waiting list.

Cost of Medical Examination 

  • NMC accepts cash only. There are a few ATM machines available near NMC.
  • complete medical test package cost = $ 50/ NRS 5000


 Appointments and Information


 Working hours: 08:00 – 17:00, Sunday through Friday, except national holidays.
Appointments and Information: 08:00 – 17:00, Sunday through Friday, except national holidays.
Contact : (+977) 01 4358923,4352044 E- mail.
Address: Sherchan Plaza, balaju-16, Kathmandu, Nepal (about 2 km distance from the Japanese embassy in Nepal)

The medical report is issued within 24 hours after the medical test and receive in person.

Test result is valid upto 30 days from the date of issuing.

If you require any further information regarding your medical examinations ,please feel free to contact us.