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Nippon medical is medical center situated its own multi-storied building-Sherchan plaza balaju, Kathmandu which was established in 2066 B.S. and legalized medical centre with its Govt.Regd no: 69847/066/067 which is primarily run and managed by bishow sherchan who is fully experienced in this arena as he has been accumulating health related knowledge nationally and internationally for more than fifteen years. If conducts the humanitarian actives to address the agonies of the agonized people. We have lunched the different packages of health like : preventive, curative, and promotional health services, sanitation campaigns, nutrition program ,safe motherhood etc. and also have imparted the knowledge about STD and about its preventive methods for the longevity of the life of the people . it provides guidance and counseling to the people who want to go for abroad study. It also provides Japanese language training to those who are keen on going to japan for abroad study by Mrs. Rashmi Gauchan who returned back to Nepal.

Besides this, it has been conducting workshops for creating awareness in remote areas for the disillusionment of superstition for the smooth running of the society irrespective of caste, culture, language, religion etc. which can be milestone in the context of our country to maintain brotherhood here among people. It can also function positively to practical zed the slogan “ unity in diversity” aptly in our country. This act is also purposeful to create awareness to the illiterate villager dwellers to maintain their sound health. It aims to motivate people to involve in physical activities and meditation realizing its importance for good health.

The mission of our institution is to extend health services to every nook and corner of my country so that both elites as well as poor village dwellers can utilize its service in affordable cost for the maintenance of their optimum health. So well would like to request to all our well wishers and other people to visit us to utilize the available health services and facilities which is available only here . hence , if you have any quarries you are welcome heartily to visit our mail address medicalnippon9@gmail.com and the telephone enquiry is also entertained in +977-01-4358923, thanks.

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Message from Chairperson

I have been too much grateful by publishing this prospectus of my esteemed medical institution, Nippon Medical cevter P Ltd , which is located in my own building. Sherchan plaza balaju, Kathmandu Nepal. It is legalized medical institution which has been registered in ministry of health with its license no 159/067 according to my opinion the differents traits like efficient management. Proper mobilization of man power,friendliness, helpfulness, discipline devotion and dedication towards duty, punctuality, services and facilities imparted to the clients as well as the facilities provided to its employees are the must far the success of any institution and so far I know all these traits are possessed by means. Hence this institution has achieved its optimum advancement and progress nonetheless it was setup just for the past two years. It has reached in the submit of success in its medical arena because of my work experience for the more than 15 years in my country. I also accumulated experience regarding it while I was in japan by visiting several hospitals and studies the different modes of treatment, ways of dealing to the patients and other different things related to it which immensely assisted me for its proper conduction.
Its is not only the profit making organization but also philanthophie non profitable social organization as it intends to provide health services and facilities to the needy people, orphan, handicapped people free of cost. It aims to render several health related services and facilities for the maintenance of optimum health of the people in affordable cost and hence it has been note worthy destination far all the people of different classes. I have entirely focused for the embassies and consultancies to render my services however the people of different respect are also getting benefit through it.
At last, I would like to extend my gratitude to all my well wishers who have directly and indirectly co-operated me whole heartedly for the betterment of my institution and also hopeful that such co –operation will be continued for its advancement to all extent in the days to come.

Bishow Sherchan 

To identify the healthy human resources to work in foreign countries based on the requirement of the demanding countries and provide most widely accepted medical reports with zero errors.

To identify the health problems of the individuals, who are going abroad to work, to select the healthy human resources, they are totally free from contagious disease and medically fit for their work and protect the citizen of the demanding countries.We are committed to becoming the most reliable center for medical screening and medical certification for immigrants.

1) To carry out a detail medical examination for the people going to work.
2) To carry out all clinical, laboratory and x-ray examination according to the needs of the demanding countries.
3) To maintain the medical records
4) To deliver the health certificate to expatriates
5) To provide the medical report of all examined by the demanding countries according to their needs.
6) To provide medical and social counseling
7) To provide qualitative and reliable medical services within affordable cost.

"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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